Water Tank Cleaning Services Residential and commercial in Kolkata

With water being such a precious resource, ‘The Water tank Cleaning Company – in kolkata’ arose from an idea that we should be able to clean a water tank when its full of water rather than when it is empty, so that there would be water left after the job was done, and no needless waste of water.

SRSFMS Cleaning Company –  Kolkata has grown from the need for this service at entire metropolitan region of Kolkata. SRSFMS – Kolkata utilizes a unique mechanized water tank cleaning process which has been designed to remove sediment and other deposits from the tank with no disturbance (clouding) of the water body and with minimal water loss.

SRSFMS have uniquely designed vacuum system requiring minimum physical access, we are able to maintain both equipment and water hygiene.

Why clean your water tank?

Sediment collects in tanks from the rain run off from your roof, which includes the dirt, moss, leaves and insects as well as pollutants. The sediment can make your water discolored and affect its taste and quality as well as be a home for bacteria, affecting the health of your water. Regular cleaning helps to keep your water fresh, healthy and reduces the risk of bacteria.

Over the years we have cleaned out many water tanks and found sludge, mud, tree roots and leaves as well as rotting snakes, birds, possums, snails, rats and mice. Getting your tank regularly cleaned helps to keep these nasties out of your drinking water. Sand and silt drawn through your pump can also cause costly damage, otherwise avoidable with a clean tank.

Businesses and schools, who rely on tank water, may have a legal obligation to maintain their water to certain standards (set by individual councils).